A combination of 4 songs amalgamated into one, fusion of rumba, rock and roll, swing and freestyle!

“Hi Leonard, we had a wonderful day. Our dance was a HIT!!! Many thanks for your hard work =)” ~ Alice

A combination of slow waltz, slow foxtrot and Viennese waltz!


A combination of disco rock, hustle and free style!

“Leonard, everyone had so much fun and loved the dance! ;-) They said it was cute and lovely. Everyone loved it! So happy, Success ;-) ;-)” ~ Sheila

Ryan and Alice for their beach wedding in Palm Beach, Sydney, Australia Showcase (Click here!)

Joe and Monica for their orchard wedding in Perth, Australia Showcase (Click here!)

Robert and Sheila for their wedding in Fullerton Hotel Showcase (Click here!)

Wedding Dance Singapore has the honour to contribute to these special couples (and many more!) for their first dance or “surprise performance” during their wedding day.


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A combination of cool entrance, sultry stage performance, jaw-dropping salsa to Shakira’s Hips Don’t Lie and finishing in style!

Mingde and Jiawen for their wedding in Marriott Hotel Showcase (Click here!)

A slow foxtrot to the tune of Let It Be Me by Everly Brothers.

“Hi Leonard. We would not have progressed that much if without your patient teaching. If there are any of our friends interested in wedding dance, we will not hesitate to recommend you guys! “ ~ Yan Han



Xuke and Yanhan for their wedding in Beijing, China

A playful and energetic cha cha to the tune of a Latino number Jose Arriba.

“Hi Leonard. Thanks. It was a blast. My guests enjoyed it. They are all super impressed with Boon Tat’s dancing!” ~ Su Chin




Boon Tat and Su Chin for their wedding in Vivocity, Singapore

A mix of romantic rumba and energetic salsa to the tune of Enrique Iglesias’s No Me Ames.

“It’s been fun… Thanks for your patience and passion at teaching” ~ Faiza

“Hi Leonard, Yes it DID went well and we’re so proud about it. Enjoyed ourselves and it looked good!” ~ Faiza






Manuel and Faiza for their wedding in Asian Civilisation Museum, Singapore

A traditional Viennese Waltz to the tune of Blue Danube Waltz by Johann Strauss with a twist at the end!

“Can’t wait for the next session. It was fun last week!” ~ Grace

“Many thanks for your help, Leonard. Do continue to help other couples achieve their dreams too!” ~ Joce




Joce and Grace for their wedding in France

A combination of an elegant entrance, followed by a slow foxtrot and an high octane disco rock ending with a soft, memorable, touching finish!

“Hi Leonard, The dance was really good ! We had a great time and practised a lot!” ~ Lauren


John and Lauren for their wedding in France Showcase (Click here!)

A combination of slow foxtrot, free style and elegance to the tune of Love by Nat King Cole.

“Hi Leonard! We absolutely nailed it, it was the best ever :)You’ve been an awesome teacher!” ~ Karen

Fraser and Karen for their wedding in Sentosa Island Showcase (Click here!)

A combination of slow foxtrot, swing and group movements to the tune of a Chinese number: Er Ping Xi Tong Jiong


JooHong and Cynthia (and 2 brothers/ 2 sisters) for their wedding in Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Swinging their way to the dance floor, to the tune of Good Golly, Miss Molly.

Chris and Diana for their wedding in Marina Mandarin, Singapore


A New York Hustle to the tune of  Marry Me by Train.

“I’m glad we got through it! Allan’s brother was surprised that Allan danced. Thanks for teaching us!” ~ Carol



Allan and Carol for their wedding in Manila

A great display of affection and passion overlooking the Sydney Harbour to the tune of Por Una Cabeza.


Leon and Jenn for their wedding in Sydney Showcase (Click here!)  

An elegant entrance into the ballroom for their second march-in and first dance to the tune of Together.


Leon and Jenn for their wedding in Intercontinental Hotel  Showcase (Click here!)