Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any dance experience?

No. The sessions are catered to all levels, from strictly beginners to advanced dancers.

How many sessions should I take?

The number of sessions is dependent on your goals and your budget. Couples can choose from four sessions to as many as twenty sessions depending on the length of the choreography and the level of complexity of the dance.

When should I start?

As early as possible. Most couples started several months before the actual wedding day.

Do I need special shoes for the session?

Shoes with smooth sole such as leather or suede are highly recommended, no sneakers. Ladies should wear shoes with heels and ankle strap.

Do I need special clothing for the session?

Any comfortable clothing is fine, slightly body hugging is recommended so that you are able to see your body movements.

Where is your studio located?

We are flexible in securing studio spaces in many locations, closer to where you are!

Do we have to share the studio space with other students?

The studio space is used exclusively for your session and no other students will be sharing the same space. This would allow more privacy as well as to prevent any distraction during the session.

If we have a session at home, what kind of space or flooring is required?

A typical living room space would be sufficient as a start. However, for the final few sessions before the big day, we highly recommend using the studio to acclimatise to the actual dance environment. For the type of flooring, basic concrete, tiles or wooden floor type should suffice.

When do we have to make payment?

Payment is on a per session basis, at the end of each session.






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